Chantal Guionnet-Fusco

La Gazette des Atrs N20 – Business Art 2015

Gregorio Rossi, critique

Traduit par Paul Hervé Silvera


Salvatore Russo, historien d'art

Préface du catalogue The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists

Contemporary art is battlefield, in which wounded, victims and men, thanks to their ability, try to survive. They are the same people we want to take care about. In this volume I will not talk about soldiers, but artists. Artists who everyday fight to affirm their ideas, to defend their values, that correspond to precise stylistic choices, in order to emerge in the Art Theatre, a theatre that has too much walks on and few protagonists. Choosing these artists, we felt as directors: we have the task to organize our cast as if we wanted to realize a film. Our work, involved around thousand “actors”, that, at the end give life to the structure of our volume. A volume, “The Best Modern and Cotemporary Artists”, that collects a series of great sign interpreters. Each artist shows us, through his artworks, his most intimate secrets, his fears, joys, the beauty of our world and the beauty of cosmos. We talked before about Contemporary art saying it’s like a battlefield; it is so. It’s an extraordinary battlefield in which the soldier/artist doesn’t need to hide himself, but he has to face the enemy, with all his weapons to defeat him. In this prestigious volume we find real warriors, artists who give themselves a challenge through their art. What we want to teach to people who deal with art, is that General are dead and now it’s time for the new soldier to fight and win the hardest battle.

 Salvo Nugnes 

Paolo Levi et Sandro Serradifalco 

Critiques écrites pendant Prix international d'art de Palerme


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